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West Australian Farriers Association

About Us

At a meeting held on the 29th of October 1989, the West Australian farriers Association was formed. The minutes of that meeting clearly outline that the intention of the WAFA was to promote trade accreditation, assist in continued professional development and encourage fellowship and camaraderie amongst farriers. To this day the West Australian Farriers Association holds true to those core values. The association is dedicated to lift the standard or farriery within Western Australia and wishes to encompass the needs and values of all farriers. The West Australian Farriers Association was formed for and remains focused on representing our trade and all members of the WAFA. By means of organising clinics, lectures, competitions, and social events the WAFA aims to bring farriers together and assist in skill development. By adopting the motto “The Owner expects it, and The Horse deserves it” the Association will continue to work towards building a strong community of highly skilled farriers.

About Us

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